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Villard de Honnecourt international - review n°1 - A path to freemasonry (EN)

Villard de Honnecourt international - review n°1 - A path to freemasonry (EN)

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Auteur :
Gérard Icart & collectif

Éditeur :

Collection :
Villard de Honnecourt international

Date de parution :
juin 2017


Format :
24 x 15 cm

Nombre de pages :

Poids :
0,31 kg

"Each issue will include an english, a Spanish and a French version, so that we can address as many Grand Lodges as possible with which we maintain friendships. This publication in three languages is a way for the Grande Loge Nationale Française to make manifest what constitute Regular Freemasonry's identity: a Community.

The magazine "Villard de Honnecourt international review" will have a semi-annual publication. If this first issue is an anthology of contributiuons considered as particularly representative of high-grade work, the next issues will be elaborated around a thematic dossier. We will also offer the other International Research Lodges the possibility of exchanging texts. Our ambition is to make this journal a place for exchange, enrichment and sharing of knowledge open to the Masonic community of all the Regular Grand Lodges in the World.

Excellent reading."

Jean-Pierre R.
Deputy Grand Master
Grand Chancellor
Managing Editor



Jean-Pierre Servel

Grand Master of the Grande Loge Nationale Française
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