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Masonic Etiquette Today: A Modern Guide to Masonic Protocol

Masonic Etiquette Today: A Modern Guide to Masonic Protocol

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Auteur :
Graham Redman

Éditeur :

Date de parution :
août 2009


Format :
210 x 148

Nombre de pages :

Poids :
0,41 kg

This book draws together a number of different topics relating to Masonic protocol and provides a comprehensive guide to Masonic behaviour and practice. Topics covered include conduct and issues inside and outside the Lodge, such as dress, regalia, membership, voting, elections, precedence, seating, saluting, general procedures, visiting, behaviour (and difficulties), administrative matters and etiquette at dinner. The book also addresses topics of importance to Masons away from the Lodge, such as such as correspondence, ties and other Masonic wear, and openness.

Masonic Etiquette Today satisfies the perennial need for Freemasons to have a straightforward and reliable guide to protocol that is written by an authority on the subject and can be relied on to resolve most matters of conduct likely to arise both inside and outside the Lodge. No Worshipful Master, Secretary or Director of Ceremonies should be without a copy.

Graham Redman

Graham Redman was born in 1949 and has been a Freemason for 37 years. For much of that time he has been Assistant Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England. He is an acknowledged authority on matters of English Masonic protocol and Craft ritual, on both of which he has published best-selling books.

He is a regular contributor to "The Square", which is published by Lewis Masonic, as well as to Provincial newsletters.

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