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Anderson's 1723 Constitutions (english/anglais)

Anderson's 1723 Constitutions (english/anglais)

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Auteur :
Gérard ICART & Georges LAMOINE

Éditeur :

Date de parution :
mars 2023


Format :
17,4 x 24 x 1,05 cm

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0,43 kg

Presentation (PDF de 4,7 Mo)This book by the National Grand Lodge of France Commemorates the first Book of Constitutions for Freemasonry published in London in 1723.

The text will enable English-Speaking readers to learn more about the Order’s history.

This volume was made possible with the support of the GLNF and the help of many trusted writers, THUS, acknowledging their worth above the pleasure of knowing and appreciating them for more than thirty-five years.

You may have already read it: So mote it be…

Presentation (a few pages)


For a hundred years the GLNF (National Grand Lodge of France) has promoted Regular Masonry in France and our Grand Lodge has published quarterly issues of our quarterly review, Villard de Honnecourt for the last 60 years.

Its consistency and its requirement of quality have drawn the attention of a wider French and now international readership.

Villard de Honnecourt offers an original Masonic editorial line that we invite you to appreciate by the time we celebrate the Tercentenary of Anderson’s Book of Constitutions, at a conference introduced by Pr. Georges Lamoine and Gérard Icart, Grand Chancellor of the GLNF.

The first Masonic Grand Lodge came out of a meeting of four London lodges in the early years of the XVIIIth century, forming the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster. It had no need of a constitution. We do not exactly know what happened between 1717 and 1721.

The only document existing is a book published in 1723 under the name James Anderson, a Presbyterian clergyman, and in 1738 as a second edition.

He was appointed to draft the first text regulating Masonic activities. Historians shortened the title of Anderson’s book to Anderson’s Constitutions.

Anderson wrote a history, prepared a set of general rules to govern the Craft and used the wording of several old documents known as the Old Charges. The name of another clergyman, John Theophilus Desaguliers, son of an exiled Protestant, can be read on the title page.

Anderson undertook the publication of the book and wrote the history of the Order. He intended to provide a new work to replace the old manuscripts in all respects. In his use of the word ‘constitutions’, Anderson followed the tradition of the Old Charges of the operative Masonry.

The contents of the book itself shows that the different parts were assembled at different dates, and the author tells us that all was not produced during John Montagu’s mastership.

MW Jean-Pierre ROLLET
Grand Master of The National Grand Loge of France.

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